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V8 Snowblowers

Perhaps as a point of interest, some folks have asked  'why?'...
We like to think of this unit as the answer to the question no one else asked!
If you live in a northern climate that receives copious amounts of snow, you just may be a little more sympathetic to the justification of this project. Like the old adage states, "Necessity is the mother of all invention."
Do you own a snow blower? if you do, let me ask you this.
Ever have it freeze up? Won't start even with the electric starter cranking for so long it begins to act like an external glow plug?
If, you were lucky enough to get the one lung motor to fire, did the drive belts slip and burn?
Ever wish that mass produced machine had a little more strength to push and blow the snow a little farther?(Say nothing about choking on rising exhaust fumes)
Did you ever have cold hands and legs while holding this thing for the time it takes to complete your task? We did too. Fortunately we can answer a full hearted 'No' to the last 5 questions...

We thought that it was time to raise the bar on the traditional snow blower, and, as always, try and make it fun and enjoyable.
With electric start, electric block heater, optional antifreeze heater and eight cylinders. Let us assure you that it starts! No drive belts to freeze up. Hydraulic drive wheels on independent walking beams get 'er done! Heated handle bars with engine coolant and warm dry air from the rear mounted totally enclosed radiator keep the operator nice and cozy. Full instrumentation? got you covered. It even has the required flashing blue light. Back lit gauges and powerful yard machine lights ease your job during those short daylight winter days.If you really want to impress, optional electronic fuel injection with a remote starter will ensure your seat in the neighborhood 'blower blingster hall of fame." The unit is perfectly balanced and is able to turn on a zero turning radius, or tip the auger over curbs with little effort from the operator. Safety has and continues to be paramount with spring return to center "fail safe" type directional controls with emergency stop and tether cords. Reduced decibel output rivals most traditional blowers with internal baffles.Transferable crate engine warranties do apply but may differ with your preferred engine of choice.The unit is 42 inches wide and is well rounded from driveways to walkways.
With full visibility, reliability, effortless safe operation along with the ultimate unique visual appeal, let us assure you, this machine is not a V8 stuck to a traditional snow blower carriage. This unit is purpose built and functions very much like a traditional blower by way of operator input and feedback.
We will agree that this machine is not for everyone or their snow blower budget. But for those who desire a unique and reliable product with the engine of their choice, this is the product for you!  
For the person who nearly has everything.

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